Dr. S. P. Pandey


Material Research Laboratory

Worked on:

  • Fabrication and characterization of M-S devices and Solar Cells.
  • Study on Swift Heavy Ion Effects in M-S devices and Solar Cells.
  • Fabrication and characterization of crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon solar cells.
  • Solid State Photoclectrochemical solar cell and Dye sensitized solar cells using PEO-based Polymer Electrolytes


Teaching Experience:

  • Present:Professor

IIMT, College of Engineering, Knowledge Park-III,

Greater Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar (U.P.)

(Sept. 2012 – continuing).

  • Previous:Associate Professor

Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology,

Greater Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar (U.P.)

(Sept. 2006 – Aug-2012).

  • Assistant Professor in Physics

AKG Engineering College, Ghaziabad

(Oct.2005 – Sept.-2006)

  • Senior Lecturer in Applied Physics

C.I.T.M., Faridabad, Haryana

(Jan.2004 – Oct.2005).

  • Lecturer in Applied Physics

Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET,

Greater Nioda, G.B. Nagar

(Aug. 2001 – Jan.2004).


Subjects Taught:

  • Engineering Physics-I & II
  • Laser Application
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Optical Instrumentation
  • Nano Science and Technology (Open Elective)


Referee for the International Journals:

  • Physica Status Solidi
  • Polymer Engineering and Science
  • Bulletin of Material Science
  • J. of Alloys and Compounds
  • J. of thermoplastic composite materials


Membership oF Professional Bodies:

  • Life Member - Indian Physics Association, BARC, Mumbai.
  • Life Member - Indian Solid State Ionics Society, Varanasi.
  • Active Member – Semiconductor Society of India.
  • Member of editorial board of “International Journal of Optoelectronic Engineering” published from USA.


Invited Talk:

  • Delivered invited talk on “Optimization of Processing Parameters of Crystalline silicon solar cell” at ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida,
  • C-V measurement : A characterization Tool for Semiconductor Materials at K.N. Govt. PG College, Bhadohi, St. Ravidas Nagar U.P.
  • Present status of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells; at Manav Rachana Engineering College, Faridabad.
  • Delivered invited talk on “Silicon Semiconductor Devices & Applications on 19 Dec. 2012 organized under TEQIP held at SBS State Technical Campus, Firozpur (Panjab)


Conferences Organized (As Resource Member):

  • National Conference on Recent Trend on Exotic Materials (as Secretary) at

Sharda University, Greater Noida (during 26-28 Aug.2010)

  • International Conference on Science and Engineering of Materials (ICSEM-14) at Sharda University, Greater Noida (during 6-8 January2014)


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Name: Dr. Shri Prakash Pandey


Work Address: Professor

Department of Physics

IIMT College of Engineering,

Knowledge Park -III,


Gautam Buddh Nagar

U.P. - 201310


Email id: pandeysp72@gmail.com


Ph.D. (in Physics):Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 2001

M.Sc. (in Physics) :Purvanchal University Jaunpur, 1993

(with Electronics specialization)

B.Sc. from Purvanchal University Jaunpur, 1991

(with Physics and Mathematics)

Date of Birth: 14th January 1972


Research experience:

Post Doctral -

One year Post Doctoral experience in the Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Topic of Project - Optimization of Processing parameters for High

(in Taiwan) Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells.

Duration - One Year (July 2008 – March 2009)


Junior and Senior Research Fellow in a research project funded by the Department of Science and Technology(DST), Govt. of India,

from 1997 - 2000.


Broad Area of Research: Solid State Electronics/Material Science


Title of Ph.D. Thesis :“Studies On Swift Heavy Ion Irradiated metal/semiconductor (p- & n-) Devices and Solar Cells"



  1. Development of nano porous TiO2 electrode and modified solid polymer electrolytes for Dye Sensitized Solar cells (DSSC)

DST (New Delhi) – Rs 18,14,000/- (Completed on 5th June-2011)

  1. “Effect of Swift Ion Beam on Polymer Electrolyte films” (Complete)

Research Project (Letter No. SR/S2/CMP-0065/2010)

DST (New Delhi) – Rs 23,25,000/-

  1. Development of Large Area Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) Using Modified Solid Polymer Electrolytes.

DST (New Delhi) – Rs. 28,00,000/- (On going)



  • Chief Proctor, IIMT, Greater Noida
  • Head of department of physics
  • Chief Warden, NIET, Gr. Noida (Aug. 2001 – Jan.2003)
  • Worked as Center Superintendent for UPTU examinations
  • Member of Proctorial board at CITM, Faridabad (Aug. 2004 – June.2005)


List of Publications:

International Conference Proceedings (02)

1.Ion Penetration in Materials by High Energy Irradiation.

P.C. Srivastava, S.P. Pandey and O.P. Sinha

Proceedings of 6th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics, Edited by B.V.R. Chowdari et al.; World Scientific Publishing Co., 121, (1998). (International Conference Proceeding)


2.Conductivity Modulation of PEO Based Polymer and composit electrolyte to Li3+ Ion Bombardment.

Amit Saxena, Divya Singh, S.P. Pandey, S.K. Tomar, K. Asokan, D. Kanjilal, Ranvir Kumar and B. Bhattacharya;

Electroactive Polymers: Materials and Devices Vol. 3, 363-371, 2009. (International Conference Proceeding)


International (16)

1.Study of Hydrogen in Hydrogenated Pd/Semiconductor Devices by ERDA

P.C. Srivastava, U.P. Singh, S.P. Pandey and D.K. Avasthi

Vacuum, 47, 12, 1427, (1996) (SCI, Impact Factor:1.53)


2.Pd/Si Device Characteristics on ~100MeV Gold Ion Irradiation.

P.C. Srivastava, S.P. Pandey, D.K. Avasthi and K.Asokan

Vacuum, 48, 12, 965, (1997) (SCI, Impact Factor:1.53)


3.High Energy Heavy Ion Irradiation in Semiconductors.

P.C. Srivastava, S.P. Pandey, O.P. Sinha, D.K. Avasthi and K. Asokan

NIM-B, 156, 105 ( 1999) (SCI, Impact Factor:1.266)


4.Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation and Recovery in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell.

P.C. Srivastava, S.P. Pandey and K. Asokan

NIM – B, 244, 166-170 (2006). (SCI, Impact Factor:1.266)


5.Hydrogenation and Annealing Studies on Swift (~100MeV) Heavy Ion (Au-7+) Irradiated Pd/p-Si Devices.

S.P. Pandey, B. Bhattacharya, U.P. Singh and K. Asokan

J. Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Vol. 11(2), 186-191 (2009). (SCI, Impact Factor:0.516)

6.Ion-Beam Modification of PEO Based Polymer Electrolytes.

Divya Singh, Amit Saxena, Shri Prakash Pandey, Sandeep Kumar Tomar, K. Asokan, D. Kanjilal, Ranvir Kumar and Bhaskar Bhattacharya

Macromolecular Symposia, 277, 8-13 (2009). (SCI, Impact Factor:1.134)


7.Ionic liquid doped poly(N-methyl 4-vinylpyridine iodide) solid polymer electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cell

Pramod K. Singha, B. Bhattacharya, R.K. Nagarale, S.P. Pandey, K. W. Kim, H. W. Rhee

Synthetic Metals; 160, (2010) 950 (SCI, Impact Factor:2.109)


8.Present Status of Solid State Photoelectrochemical Solar cell and Dyesensitized Solar cell Using PEO-based Polymer Electrolyte. (Review Article)

Pramod K. Singh, R.K. Nagarale, S.P. Pandey & B. Bhattacharya;

Advances in Natural Sciences:Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,2 (2011) 023002-15 (SCI, Impact Factor:2.037)


9.Porous Nanocrystalline TiO2 electrode and poly(N-methyl 4-vinylpridine iodide): Ionic Liquid solid polymer electrolyte for device application

Bhaskar Bhattacharya, S.K. Tomar, S.P. Pandey, H.W. Rhee and Pramod K. Singh;

Int. J. Nanotechnol., Vol. 9, No. 10/11/12, 1030-1039 (2012). (SCI, Impact Factor:1.087)


10.Observed Change in Conductive Type with Swift Heavy Ion Irradiated Metal/Semiconductor Devices.

S.P. Pandey

American Journal of Materials Science; Vol.2, No.6, 215-220 (2012). (SCI, Impact Factor : still Computing)


11.The Correlation Between Reduced Glass Transition Temperature and Glass Forming Ability of Undercooled Polymeric Glasses

R.K.Mishra, S.P.Pandey and Jitendra Gaur

International Journal of Optoelectronic Engineering; Vol.2, No.5, 26-29 (2012). (SCI, Impact Factor : still Computing)


12.Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Based on Poly(vinyl alchol) doped with Ammonium Iodide Solid Polymer Electrolyte

Vivek K Singh, Annubhawi Annu, Upasana Singh, Prabhakar Singh, S.P. Pandey, B. Bhattacharya and Pramod K. Singh

J. of Optoelectronics and Advanced Matterials; Vol. 15, No. 9-10, p-927-931 (2013).

(SCI, Impact Factor:0.516)


13. Synthesis of Lead Sulphide Nanoparticles For Electrode Application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells,

Roja Singh, S.P. Pandey, P.K. Shukla, S.K. Tomar, B. Bhattacharya and Pramod K. Singh

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters (NNL), Vol. 5, p1-6 (2013) (SCI, Impact Factor : 1.316)


14.Effect of Structure Texture and Morphology Modulation on Efficiency of Dye sensitized Solar Cells

Nitin A. Jadhav, Pramod K Singh, Hee-Woo Rhee, S. P. Pandey and B. Bhattacharya;

Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 9 (2014) 5377 – 5388 (SCI, Impact Factor : 3.26).


15.Band Gap Tailoring of Ni Doped Ternary Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications: Mitali Sahu, Pramod K. Singh, S.P. Pandey and B. Bhattacharya; Mocramol. Symp., 347, 68-74 (2015).


16.Photo Luminescence (PL) and Electroluminescence (EL) Spectra in ZnS:Dy and ZnS:(Mn,Dy) Phosphers: A.K. Mishra, S.K. Mishra, S.P. Pandey and Kasham Lakshmi Mishra; Mocramol. Symp., 347, 49-51 (2015)


National (02)

1.Effect of Magnetic Field on Metal/Semiconductor Interface.

S.P. Pandey and P.C. Srivastava

Solid State Physics (India), Volume 39-C, 1996 (Proceedings of the DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, held at BARK, Mumbai, December 27-31, 1996).


2.Spectroscopic Studies of Dihydroxy Derivetves of Anthraqunione.

R.K. Garg, Pardeep Kumar and S.P.Pandey

(Proceedings of 15th National Symposium on Ultrasonics, 2006, pp-57, held at Department of Physics, Allahabad University, (U.P.) INDIA, “NSU-XV”, November 01-03, 2006.)




* Poster presented in International conferences on "Swift Heavy Ions In Materials

Engineering and Characterization-SHIMAC-98" from 19th to 23ed Oct.1998 at NSC, New Delhi.

* Worked as a resource person in the Sixth Asian Conference Cum Training Workshop on

Solid State Ionics, 22-27th Nov.1998 at B.H.U., Varanasi (U.P.).

* Poster presented in Sixth Asian Conference On Solid State Ionics, (28th Nov. to 4th Dec.1998) at Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.) Varanasi.

* Poster resented in Indo-German Workshop “Synthesis and Modification of Nano

Structured Materials by Energetic Ion Beams” during Feb. 20-24, 2005, at NSC, New Delhi.

* Presented a paper entitled “Porous nanocrystalline TiO2 electrode and poly (N-methyl 4-vunylpyridine iodide) – ionic liquid solid polymer electrolyte for device application” in a Indo-French workshop cum International Conference on Nano Science and Nano Technology during 12-16 Oct. 2009 organised by Ansal Institute and Technology, Gourgaun, Haryana.

* Presented a poster in Indo-Japan Conference on “Frontier Nano Materials for Energy” during 9-11 Jan.-2012 at Sharda University. Greater Noida.

*Poster Presented on “Synthesis and Chracterization of Chemical Bath Depositied CdS and Thermally Evaporated, Annealed CdS” in an International Conference on Science and Engineering of Materials during 6-8 Jan.-2014 at Sharda University, Greater Noida, India.

*Poster Presented on “Photoluminescence (PL) & Electroluminescence (EL) Spectra in ZnS:Dy and ZnSMn,Dy) Phosphers”in an International Conference on Science and Engineering of Materials during 6-8 Jan.-2014 at Sharda University, Greater Noida, India.



*"Vacuum technology, Target preparation and Ion source" courses were attended at

Nuclear Science Center, New Delhi during the period of 21st Aug. to 8th Sept. 1995.

* Attended a school course on Data Acqusion System (DAS) at Nuclear Science Center

(NSC), New Delhi during 31st January to 3ed Feb. 2005.

* Paper presented in Conference of "National Seminor On recent Trends In Materials Science" in Department of Physics, Sri Venkateswara Univ., Tirupati, during Nov. 25-27, 1999.

* Attended a “National Workshop on Polymeric Sensors” organized by Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Farah, Mathura, during 25th July to 6th August 2005.

* Presented a paper in “15th National Symposium on Ultrasonics, 2006” during 1-3Nov.2006 in the Department of Physics at Allahabad University.

* Attended a “National Workshop on Spectroscopic Techniques” organized by Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Farah, Mathura, during 2 – 4 Aug. 2007.

* Presented a paper in a National Conference on “Recent Drifts, Breaks in Applied Sciences and its Technology for Innovative Management during 7-9 Aug. 2009 organised by KIET, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad.

* Attended a “National Workshop on Nanotechnology” organized by Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, during 15th Nov. 2009.

* Attended a “National Conference on PROGRESS IN PHOTOVOLTAICS” organized by Semiconductor Society of India and Sharda University, Greater Noida, during 6th March- 2010.

* Presented a poster in “ETMSR@2010” at Dept of Physics, Mahila maha Vidyalaya, B.H.U. Varanasi during 3-4 Dec.- 2010.

* Attended a “National workshop on SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC COMPONENTS, SYSTEM & DESIGN” organized by I.T.S. Engineering College, Greater Noida, during 25-26 March- 2011.

* Delivered an Invited talk on “Silicon Semiconductor Devices & Applications on 19 Dec. 2012 during one week Short Term on Engineering Materials December 17-21, 2012; organized under TEQIP held at SBS State Technical Campus, Firozpur (Panjab).

*Presented a Poster in National Conference on Synthesis Characterization and Application of Advanced Nanomaterials – 2014 during 17-19 Jan.-2014 on “Band Gap Tailoring of Nickle Doped Ternary Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications.